“I can guide you to reclaim your body and your health so you can live your fullest, happiest life now. Discover whole health through customized functional nutrition, strategic movement, and mind-body skills that help you achieve your goals.”

Dr. Crystal Frazee’s lifestyle medicine approach delivers potent healing and lasting change. Here is what some of her clients had to say:

“Dr. Frazee’s approach is refreshing and practical. After so many doctor’s visits, I felt like no one could see the whole picture. Dr. Frazee helped me create a plan that delivered immediate results. I felt like myself again within weeks and I’ve stuck to it for 6 months now.”

~Sarah M.

“Finally! Someone that gets my struggles and helped me overcome them. Dr. Frazee really listens, and most importantly, she cares. I recommend her services to women everywhere.”

~Susan C.

“Dr. Frazee taught me that I am more than the sum of my parts. Everything is connected and to feel better I had to start making smarter decisions for my whole health. She broke it down to small steps that I easily got on board with. I’m forever grateful.”

~Beth L.

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