Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT

Crystal Frazee is a dynamic practitioner with a broad skill set and a passion to help her clients achieve optimal health. She is a doctor of Physical Therapy, a 500-hr certified Yoga Teacher, and a certified Health & Wellness Coach. She has a focus on mind-body medicine and integrates mindfulness into her work to enhance outcomes and behavior change for her clients.

She considers herself a well-rounded therapist with abilities to work with every type of client. However, her clinical specialties include mind-body medicine for treatment of chronic pain and women’s health including pelvic floor, pre/post-natal and osteoporosis. She is trained in educational capnography used to help clients identify and correct breathing pattern dysfunctions that contribute to or cause negative symptoms. Crystal uses specialized biofeedback equipment to help clients overcome self-defeating habits related to their breathing. She also has a background in functional nutrition.

Crystal received her education through the University of Georgia, University of Colorado, Dr. Michael Arloski, PhD from Real Balance Wellness, North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy at Andrews University, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Graduate School of Breathing Sciences, Institute for Integrative Yoga Studies, and the Integrative Women’s Health Institute.

Crystal seeks to empower you with the simple lifestyle tools you need to feel successful and reach your personal wellness goals.