Mindful Eating Solution 6-Week Program

A 6-Week Mind-Body Program to Tranform Your Relationship with Food 

The Mindful Eating Solution for Women 

Feel More Joyful, Relaxed, & In Control

*Limited to 8 spots so claim yours now.*

Build The Foundation For Success

Many women have struggled to achieve their healthy body weight or get off the diet roller coaster and it's not because they lack the willpower or knowledge. They simply don't have the resources they need: fool-proof mind-body tools to manage cravings, a strategy to overcome their specific challenges, access to simple and delicious whole food recipes, and most importantly, personalized support! 

Developed over 10 years while supporting a variety of women, this program helps you to befriend your body right now, as it is, while learning a gentle approach for creating new habits that lead you to your goal (without counting calories or depriving yourself). Dr. Frazee designed this program to deliver the foundational steps you need for the lasting change and inner peace you are striving for. 

This Program is Unique Because it: 

  • Takes a mind-body approach (versus a "rules based" approach)
  • Is not about weight loss! It's about learning to listen to your body and feeling absolute confidence about food choices and self-care. It's about finding joy in your connection with healthier eating
  • Flips the switch so eating mindfully and choosing nourishing foods doesn't feel like "work" or "deprivation"
  • Helps you navigate your personal challenges and obstacles
  • Includes UNLIMITED email support and access to Dr. Frazee
  • Is small and intimate. Limited to 8 women only!


Go Deep

Learn to evaluate what's really driving food cravings and how to meet those needs with non-food options! This program helps you be more aware of emotions and helps you end the struggle by giving you skills to regulate them.

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Work With An Expert

Dr. Frazee is a compassionate and experienced integrative women's health expert that's coached many women with diverse backgrounds to feel more at peace with their relationship with food and finally accepting of their bodies. 


Beyond Just The Basics

Not just for beginners. Dr. Frazee will ensure this program meets you where you are at. She will personalize the mind-body tools so you overcome your obstacles and reach your big goals. 

This Program Starts In


About Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, CHWC, C-IAYT

Integrative Women's Health Expert

Dr. Frazee guides smart women to reclaim their bodies and lives. She helps them to stop feeling stuck and frustrated and start feeling calm, confident, and in control of their health.

Dr. Frazee’s approach integrates mind-body and lifestyle medicine in a way that is gentle and compassionate, yet effective. Her talent is shortening your path to reaching your big goals by creating a strategy and then breaking it down into bite-sized doable pieces for you to apply to your life ~ all while holding your hand and supporting you every step along the way. 

This is one of Dr. Frazee's signature programs that she's been teaching and refining for almost five years! This is the only time she's teaching this program in 2019. Take advantage of this chance to experience the Mindful Eating Solution group program. Dr. Frazee's small boutique women's health practice limits the number of women she can work with. Get access to her for a portion of the investment.


“I learned simple ways to finally overcome my block with meal preparation! Now I enjoy giving myself permission to feed myself and my family well.”

Darla J.

“Without focusing on losing weight I DID. It was a refreshing experience to shift gears and learn to be more grounded and mindful instead of strict.”

Rose S.

"I'm not spending my whole day consumed with thoughts about food or what to eat and when. I am much more at ease about food, but really just in general."

Sarah W.

"I no longer feel like I have to earn my food by exercising and I feel completely different about my body when I look in the mirror. I wish I hadn't waiting so many years to learn how to be content with who I am. It's been a surprisingly healing experience."

Bridget D.

"Dr. Frazee is one of the most compassionate and nurturing people I've met. Never judgmental and always nurturing, she helped me experience coming home to myself."

Donna V.

"The group was an unexpected benefit. To hear other women with the same challenges cheering each other along was so valuable. It was small and intimate and Dr. Frazee was an excellent facilitator."

Heather H.

What You'll Receive

  • 6 Weekly Group Classes (10.5 hours) 
  • Weekly Printed Guides (includes overview, all practices discussed in class, homework, plus more resources for you go deeper if you want)
  • Weekly Email Updates (send Dr. Frazee your specific questions, celebrations, and get personalized feedback)
  • Unlimited email access to Dr. Frazee (she's committed to supporting you every step of the way)
  • Winter Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Guide (filled with easy and delicious recipes to support your health goals through the winter)
  • "Dinner Plate Makeover" Guide (discover a fool-proof strategy for managing cravings, appetite, and feeling more satisfied than ever)
  • Support from a small group of like-minded women (space is limited to ensure you get the high level of personal support you need!)

Say Yes and Join the Mindful Eating Solution

Value: easily worth over $1,500

Your Investment: Just $299!

Take advantage now. This is the only time this program is offered in 2019!

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