Manage Your Pain And Improve Your Quality Of Life

Are you looking for a chronic pain relief?

Dr. Crystal Frazee’s Mindful Pain Relief Method™ can help you effectively manage your pain and improve your quality of life.

As a woman in chronic pain, you need and deserve a comprehensive approach to manage your condition. If your goal is to live your life as fully as possible despite your pain then you have arrived at the right place. You have an amazing capacity for healing and can feel like you have more control over your pain. The specific steps you may need to take to get there are unique to you and your journey.

Dr. Frazee’s talent is taking the complicated science and research and breaking it down into bite-sized doable pieces for you to apply to your life as you feel it is supportive. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will ultimately help you feel connected to your body and life, but Dr. Frazee will help you clarify your pain recovery vision and perceptively guide you to reach it. By integrating simple mind-body practices and effective lifestyle medicine strategies, Dr. Frazee will help you fill in the gaps so you understand how to positively impact your pain.

She will help you understand how your emotions and thoughts affect your physical symptoms. Her signature work, the Mindful Pain Relief Method™, will help you leverage the mind’s healing abilities so you can regulate your response to pain instead of being controlled by it. Believe it or not, what you eat, your exercise, your sleep habits, and ways you respond to stress all impact your pain. Dr. Frazee is a skilled health coach and will empower you with small daily lifestyle changes that are sustainable and help you with lasting relief.

The level of high-touch care Dr. Frazee provides is beyond what the typical health care system can provide. In the traditional healthcare model, there is not enough time or trust established to address your holistic needs so comprehensively. Dr. Frazee’s goal is to collaborate with your current pain care team and maximize results. Physical therapy, pain medications, acupuncture, and many other treatments can be beneficial to your physical body, but treating the physical body alone may not be enough for you to reach the level of autonomy, wholeness, and vibrancy you desire. Dr. Frazee offers what she calls “whole” health care. She will help to improve every aspect of your health and wellness.

If you are excited to start working with Dr. Frazee and the Mindful Pain Relief Method™, check out the following options.

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Mindful Pain Relief Group Program, On The Path Yoga, Spring Lake

January 4th – February 1st, 7:00-8:30 pm

This is Dr. Frazee’s signature pain relief program. If you wish you could work privately with her, grab your spot because this group program is the next best thing. Over 5 weeks, you will learn a step-by-step method for addressing your pain from every angle so you feel more in control and resilient to pain in your life.

The group will meet for 1.5 hours January 4th, 11th, 25th, and February 1st. You will start by clarifying your vision for life with less pain and then evaluate your current pain recovery plan. You will understand where you may have gaps and will sequentially learn the skills and gather tools from the Mindful Pain Relief Method to help you round out your plan for maximum results.

The week of January 15-19th, you will schedule your private consultation session (by phone) with Dr. Frazee to discuss any specific challenges or concerns specific to your unique situation. She will help remove barriers and ensure you are on track to fulfill your vision by the end of the program. Single consultations are typically $145 so you are getting very best value by enrolling in this group program!

Dr. Frazee has a depth and breadth of training to help you with pain relief. For starters, she is an experienced health and wellness coach. Many lifestyle and behavior change programs are not successful because they do not consider that you may not yet be ready to introduce change in a particular area of your life. Dr. Frazee, a behavior change expert, will help you assess where you are truly ready for action and which elements of the program to keep on the side burner until you are more prepared. With her as your compassionate and trusted ally, you can expect lasting results that lead to relief!

Each class sequentially guides you through the Mindful Pain Relief Method. You will get access to audio files to keep and a workbook to use for home practice. Everything you need to continue your practice after the program ends will be provided. Dr. Frazee hopes you feel truly supported and resourced in every way to improve your pain.

You will learn how to integrate these important elements into your personal pain recovery plan:

  • Pain Science and how you can rewire your brain to change your pain response
  • Gentle mind-body practices that help you reduce “On the Spot” pain and regulate your emotional responses to pain
  • Lifestyle Medicine practices that improve pain processing and reduce inflammation
  • Self-care practices that help you feel whole and at peace despite the challenges you’ve been through
  • Planning and how to take baby steps through the Mindful Pain Relief Method so it works for you instead of creating overwhelm

Dr. Frazee is brilliant at taking complex topics and breaking them down into bite-size bits you can easily integrate. She’s done all the research and work for you!

This program has limited capacity due to the amount of personalized attention you will receive. Register now to get started.

Mindful Pain Relief Private Consultation Package

Meeting face to face allows physical assessment and movement to be integrated into your Mindful Pain Relief Plan. I will bring all the tools of mindfulness, yoga therapy, functional nutrition, and brain science to help you reduce pain and reclaim your life.

To learn how Dr. Frazee can help you find relief of chronic pain, click the blue button on the right to schedule your free 30-minute introductory call.