Mindful Pain Relief Local Program

5 Weeks to Create Your Personal Pain Recovery Plan

Mindful Pain Relief Program For Women

Using Mind-Body Techniques and Lifestyle Medicine

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Starts Tuesday, May 29th

1:00-2:30 PM EST

at On The Path Yoga in Spring Lake, MI

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Only 10 Spots Available

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In This Unique Program You Will Learn:

Specific Tools

New Pain Science

Lasting Relief

Get Predictable Relief  

You will learn the Mindful Pain Relief Method which is filled with simple, effective practices to ease your pain and suffering. You will learn specific mind-body and lifestyle skills that will impact pain immediately. 

Feel confident  

The more you understand how pain works in your body and brain, the more effective the practices will be. You will learn to use your brain to decrease your pain!

Gain Support  

Get ongoing email support directly from Dr. Frazee and lifetime access to all the audio and pdf resources provided. She's removed all the roadbloacks to your success.  

You'll learn the choices specific to you as a woman that will reduce inflammation and pain. Dr. Frazee's lifestyle medicine tips are evidence-based and achievable. She'll simplify all the trendy, hyped info and direct you to the changes to make that actually matter. 

You will learn these specific elements of the Mindful Pain Relief Method:

  • Clarify Your Vision and Goals - so you know where to focus
  • Assess Your Readiness to Implement Change - so your efforts lead to success
  • Daily Check-In Practice - to ensure you are aware of your body's messages and not tuning them out
  • On The Spot Pain Relief Practice - to ease pain in the moment instead of waiting for pain meds to kick in
  • Long Term Protective Practice - so you don't have more pain as time goes on
  • Guided Breathing, Body Scan, & Tension Release Practices - to help calm your over stimulated nervous system
  • The Link Between Emotions, Thoughts, Your Pain & How to Break the Cycle
  • Chronic Pain & Your Brain - how to retrain your brain for less pain 
  • Options For Getting More Movement When You Fear it May Increase Pain
  • Ways to Address Your Unique Needs as a Woman in Pain
  • How Your Lifestyle May Be Keeping You in Pain - and which changes really matter
  • Take the Lead to Be the CEO of Your Healthcare Team - so you feel heard and acknowledged 
  • Keep Hope Strong So You Stay Inspired and Motivated to Change Your Pain
  • Set Realistic Goals and Make Lasting Behavior Changes That Add Up


Week One

Clarify your vision and get in the right mindset for optimal results. Learn several specific Awareness tools to start to shift your pain response. 

Week Two

Develop Regulation skills to break the link between thoughts and emotions and your pain. Learn how to move your body so it minimizes pain instead of increasing it.  

Week Three

Gain clear understanding of pain science and to use your brain to improve your pain and protect yourself from increasing pain levels over time. Progress your home practice with new skills to maximize your results. 

Week Four

Break through old habit loops and barriers to making healthy behavior changes with Dr. Frazee's signature strategy. This is a critical step in lasting change and pain relief!

Week Five

Integrate lifestyle medicine strategies into your daily routine to decrease pain and balance your nervous system. Set your complete pain recovery plan with specific goals for the months ahead. 

Questions? Dr. Frazee is available to answer your questions and decide if the Mindful Pain Relief Program is right for you. Call 616.414.4044 or email drcrystalfrazeept@mindfulpainrelief.org.

About Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, CHWC, C-IAYT

Integrative Chronic Pain Strategist, Founder Mindful Pain Relief Method

Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT, CHWC, C-IAYT is a devoted integrative health practioner committed to helping women in pain find simple and effective solutions to ease their suffering so they can reclaim their body and their life. 

She infuses practical science with the art of healing to guide clients to experience wholeness within. With over 14 years of education and practice in the mind-body and lifestyle approaches to chronic pain recovery, she is skillful and empowering to support women to play an active role to improve their pain.  

Dr. Frazee’s talent is taking the complicated research and breaking it down into bite-sized doable pieces for you to apply to your life. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will ultimately help you feel connected to your body and life, but Dr. Frazee will help you clarify your pain recovery vision and perceptively guide you to reach it. She will help you fill in the gaps so you understand how to positively impact your pain.

Her goal is to help you design YOUR pain recovery plan. 

Great value! This program offers 5 group classes with structured content and a workbook. You will have lifetime access to audio recordings and pdfs of everything covered in the program + unlimited support from Dr. Frazee. That's over $1,500 of value! Your investment is just $197.

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