Manage Your Pain And Improve Your Quality Of Life

Are you looking for a chronic pain relief?

Dr. Crystal Frazee’s Mindful Pain Relief Method™ can help you effectively manage your pain and improve your quality of life.

As a woman in chronic pain, you need and deserve a comprehensive approach to managing your condition. Often, this is more than the typical health care system can provide. You need holistic mind-body care crafted just for a woman to bring you the most optimal healing and lasting relief.

Traditional medicine often requires you to see specialist after specialist, with no one provider treating you as a whole human being. When you work with Dr. Frazee, together you will explore every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional being and become empowered to gain control over your pain.

She will weave your pain relief plan into the rest of your medical treatments so that it enhances your overall outcome. While pain relief is certainly the goal, many of her clients feel the Mindful Pain Relief Method greatly expanded their treatment options and sense of control over their symptoms.

You have four options for working with Dr. Frazee and the Mindful Pain Relief Method™. Choose which option best supports you at this time.

Woman Pain Relief


Mindful Pain Relief Workshop

Workshops being scheduled local to West Michigan and online. Click here to join the waitlist for updates on the next workshop offerings.

Dr. Frazee created this workshop as an introduction to the Mindful Pain Relief Method™ with practices that you can immediately implement. It’s not as in-depth as her full online group program.

Pain science has proven that your body has natural healing abilities. The gentle yoga practices presented in this workshop will help you experience pain relief and reduce your suffering because they rewire your brain and pain response. You will learn specific breathing, movement, and relaxation techniques to give you immediate pain relief and to protect your brain from increasing pain processing in the future. Everything covered will complement all other types of treatment you have tried to improve your pain and may help maximize results.

Dr. Frazee will cover the most effective lifestyle medicine topics, like sleep and nutrition, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information on how small daily changes can help with pain relief.

You will leave this workshop understanding how to have a lasting impact on your pain through specific, simple activities. You will receive a detailed packet outlining all the practices presented so you can confidently practice at home.  

Dr. Frazee is brilliant at taking complex topics and breaking them down into bite-size bits you can easily integrate. She’s done all the research and work for you!

Join the workshop waitlist by clicking here. 


Mindful Pain Relief Online Group Program

The online group program is a premier 8-week coaching experience. It’s basically the next best thing to work privately with Dr. Frazee. She creates an intimate online experience where you get to ask your questions and connect to the rest of the group. She walks you through each step in the Mindful Pain Relief Method™ and provides generous resources and surprises along the way.

She will schedule the next online group program as soon as there is enough interest.

Join the 8-week group online program waitlist by clicking here. 

Mindful Pain Relief Private Consultation Virtual Package 

Dr. Frazee has done the work to simplify the complex issues of holistic pain management so that you can focus on taking practical steps forward. The immediate and lasting relief you are seeking will happen from the inside out. Let Dr. Frazee take your hand and guide you gently through the Mindful Pain Relief Method™.

She will teach you personalized mind-body tools to address “on the spot” pain and customize nutrition and lifestyle strategies to balance your immune and nervous systems. Through a health coaching approach, she will make sure you have the support and clarity to make sustainable changes that result in less pain so you can return to the activities you love most.

Your session will be conducted over Skype.

To learn how Dr. Frazee can help you use mind-body techniques to experience pain relief, click the blue button on the right to schedule your free 30-minute introductory call.

Mindful Pain Relief Private Consultation In-person Package

Meeting face to face allows physical assessment and movement to be integrated into your Mindful Pain Relief Plan. I will bring all the tools of mindfulness, yoga therapy, functional nutrition, and brain science to help you reduce pain and reclaim your life.

To learn how Dr. Frazee can help you find relief of chronic pain, click the blue button on the right to schedule your free 30-minute introductory call.