Have More Energy, Relieve Pain, Restore Sleep, Boost Health


Are you looking for a total reset?

Would you like to ditch feeling ailments like fatigue, digestive problems, mood swings, chronic infections, persistent pain, skin issues, headaches, and inability to lose weight without more medications, treatments, or fad diets?

As an integrative practitioner, Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT believes that by getting all of your systems back into balance you can and will experience the delight of optimal health. In functional medicine, the elimination diet is the gold standard first tool for helping you achieve exactly that. Removing the foods known to cause gut imbalance for just a few weeks gives your systems a chance to calm down and focus on healing.

Join Dr. Frazee in this 6-week whole foods cleanse to reboot your body and reclaim your health. You can absolutely expect to have more energy, restore sleep, decrease pain, reduce sugar cravings, and balance hormones. Plus, you will enjoy nutritious whole foods and be in the company of other like-minded people on the journey.

Your Gut Is The Secret

Addressing gut imbalance is the key to changing your health. 80% of your immune cells and 95% of your serotonin, the neurotransmitter related to happiness, lives in the gastrointestinal system! The gut barrier is weakened by the Standard American Diet (SAD) and undigested food particles and other materials are allowed to pass through. This triggers a perpetual immune response. Your symptoms will show up wherever you are vulnerable. For some, it’s in the skin as adult acne while for others they experience chronic joint inflammation and pain. There are many possibilities. Email Dr. Frazee at drcrystalfrazeept@gmail.com with your questions regarding your unique health scenario and she will help you determine if the January Reboot will help.

6 Weeks To Optimum Health

This intimate group program will provide the guidance and support you need to commit to a whole foods lifestyle for 6 weeks. There is an abundance of foods to explore and enjoy. Recipes are provided and you are encouraged to creatively use your own. You will also discover simple and effective self-care strategies perfect for helping you feel more centered and restored.

Dr. Frazee understands that everyone faces similar challenges. She will help you navigate common obstacles like meal planning, grocery shopping, food prep, cooking, or trying to serve food the whole family will eat. After doing this 6 week January Reboot, you will know specifically what foods make you feel energized and ready to tackle the day and which foods make you feel bloated, tired, cranky, and fluffy. You will learn precisely what foods are driving your unwanted symptoms and how to avoid them.

You are not alone in your desire to feel vibrant and in optimum health. This program will help you do just that.

There is no one size fits all eating plan or diet that will help you feel well and energized, but the January Reboot will give you valuable personal insight about your body’s unique needs for balance and healing.

About The January Reboot

Q: What is the January Reboot lead by Dr. Frazee?

A: This is an elimination nutrition plan designed to help your gut rest so the rest of your systems can heal and rebalance. With the constant load the SAD imposes on the digestive and immune systems it’s no wonder most people feel chronically tired, achy, moody, and out of balance. The Reboot will help you get a grip on your eating habits and establish nourishing self-care practices to keep you energized through the fall.

Q: Will I be eating food during the January Reboot?

A: You will be eating densely nutritious whole foods in this program. This is not a fast. The aim of this cleanse is for you to eliminate processed foods and reduce the digestive load by avoiding foods hard for your system to process (i.e. sugar, dairy, gluten). You will determine what changes, if any, are right for you to make regarding your long-term nutrition plan.

Q: Are there recommended supplements in the program?

A: No. The goal is to increase micro and macronutrients using whole foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, organic meats, beans, seeds, and nuts.

Q: I’m intimidated to try a program like this. How do I know I can do it?

A: You will be in the company of others facing the same challenges as you, yet inspired to make a change. You can ask questions and share ideas with one another. Dr. Crystal Frazee is a certified Health & Wellness Coach with specialty experience helping clients overcome challenges and make lasting changes. You will be fully supported to implement the nutrition changes during the program. Any positive changes you make during the program will result in positive health outcomes.

Q: Six weeks is a long time. Why is the program so long?

The first group coaching class will kick off the program during Week 1. You will take this week to get prepared. Having ample time to plan and shop will help you be successful. Your first private health coaching call is during Week 2 where Dr. Frazee will help you address any personal concerns and feel confident about the weeks ahead. Weeks 2-4 you will follow the guidelines for the cleanse. You will be eating delicious foods chock full of nutrition! During Week 4 you will have your last group class where you learn to slowly reintroduce foods and how to listen to your body for signs of food sensitivity. Bloating, fatigue, aching, mood changes, sleep disruption, cycle changes, headache, diarrhea, and burping are all signs of a food sensitivity. The final private coaching call will be over the next month and scheduled at your convenience. Dr. Frazee will discuss your experience on the Reboot and help you clarify your next steps and long-term eating plan to best suit your body at this time. Using your new understanding of your body, you will create a personalized eating plan with the assistance of Dr. Frazee.

Program Details

Recipes and Meal Plans Provided

Food Prep Strategies for Simplifying Your Week

Self-care Tools to Keep You Grounded and Centered

1 Group Introduction Class To Help You Feel Prepared and Answer Your Questions

1 Group Closing Class to Clarify Reintegration Techniques and Guide You To Develop Your Long-Term Whole Foods Nutrition Program

2x30-minute Private Health Coaching Calls to Address Your Specific Concerns and Help You Overcome Your Unique Challenges

Ongoing Email Support

Investment: $199 (early bird pricing available until 12/22/17. After 12/22/17 the cost is $225)

Register Now! Class Size Is Limited To 20.

Program Dates

Monday, January 8th, Group Class #1 6:00-7:30 pm at Muskegon Yoga Center

Week of January 15th-19th (scheduled at your convenience), Private Health Coaching Call #1, 30 min

Monday, January 29th, Group Class #2, 6:00-7:30 pm at Muskegon Yoga Center

Week of February 5th-March 15th (scheduled at your convenience), Private Health Coaching Call #2, 30 min


Have Question? Email Dr. Frazee at drcrystalfrazeept@gmail.com and she’ll be happy to correspond with you.