Relieve Pain

As a woman in chronic pain, you need and deserve more than the typical health care system can provide. You need holistic mind-body care crafted just for a woman to bring you optimal healing and lasting relief.

Lose Weight

Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT understands that weight loss is about a lot more than simply calories and exercise. Obtaining lasting change means cultivating an understanding of your relationship with food, your physiology, your triggers, and developing a smart plan that leverages your strengths.

Fall Reboot

Join Dr. Frazee in this 6-week whole foods cleanse to reboot your body and reclaim your health. You can absolutely expect to have more energy, restore sleep, boost energy, decrease pain, reduce sugar cravings, and balance hormones.

Mindful Surgery & Recovery Prep

Your surgery may or may not be optional. Often patients are told they must have a surgical procedure given the circumstances. This can lead to feeling vulnerable, powerless and helpless. By choosing to work with Dr. Frazee to develop your personal mindful surgery prep program, you are reclaiming your power